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Don’t Forget to Honk!

Yesterday morning we enjoyed learning some facts about geese – how they fly in a V formation and change leadership when the leader gets tired. This means the whole flock adds 71% greater flying range than if each bird flew alone.

If one is injured and falls to the ground, two geese break formation and fly to the ground with the injured bird and stay with it until it gets better or dies.

And the fact that I was particularly interested in….they honk constantly to encourage each other as they fly! Boy, do we need to learn how to honk!

After reading through it all and applying these truths to our own goose family, I got my little goslings to act out what they’d just learned. We had a lot of fun flying in formation, flapping our wings, honking furiously and taking turns at being in the front of the formation. (This is one of the benefits of being a big family!) When one of the ‘geese’ fell to the ground, two of the others broke formation and protected it. It made a real racket, but none of us will forget it in a hurry!

Then we had fun making a goose mobile, which now hangs proudly from the ceiling with the words DON’T FORGET TO HONK! written on it.

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