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Don’t Mess with Bulls

The other day, we herded ten of our big bulls down into the new yards that Chris had made. They are normally so quiet, but there was a cow in the yards. Big mistake. The bulls started getting stroppy and bolshy. One of them put its head under the belly of another one and tossed it in the air. Wooden railings started pinging off as if they were only tacked on. And then into the middle of the fray and bedlam ran our little Jack Russell, Angel, barking and snapping . Never can resist a good fight. But this time she got more than she bargained for. A flying hoof connected with her back leg and it snapped like a twig. (Her leg, not the bull’s hoof) Poor wee Angel. Her leg dangled at all sorts of weird angles. X Rays showed a piece of bone had broken off with the tendon. She now sports a tiny pin in her bone and a splint and bandage. She is meant to be resting, but just yesterday a strange dog arrived at the barn and wthin minutes Angel had hopped outside and was in a serious fight. Silly dog. But we do love her.

I can’t help thinking of the verse in Proverbs that says, “A wise man sees evil approaching and hides, but a naive man proceeds on and pays the penalty.”

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