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Double Surprise!

On Wednesday night Chris and I had an evening at home on our own while Ellie took the younger three to soccer practice and then youth group. When they got home we had fun sitting around the fire talking about the exciting day coming up on the morrow – Kate and Joe would be coming home for the long weekend! I went upstairs, tucked them in and prayed for them and then came downstairs. Suddenly someone leaped out from the cupboard under the stairs and grabbed me! I was stunned for a second – then squealed with excitement! It was Kate!! She had left her car down at the barn and sneaked into the house and hidden while I was upstairs. Of course everyone tumbled out of bed again and there was  huge merriment and excitement. :0 She had decided to come up a day early since she had no classes on that day. I felt sad though because Josiah had texted me just that day and told me that he was looking forward to coming up with Kate the following day.

“He’ll be here somewhere,” said Chris, not believeing that Kate would have come up without him. But he wasn’t. 🙁 We sat around the fire having hot chocolates and talking flat out for the next twenty minutes, while I texted Joe, begging him to get a bus up tomorrow and saying that Kate could still give him a ride home on the Monday. I got a reply from him, saying that he’d probably go to a conference in Auckland for the weekend. I only just had time to read it sadly when the back door flew open and in burst Joe! My second huge complete shock in half an hour! He’d been sitting quietly outside in the cold, cuddling Angel the dog and Shasta the cat, and listening to all our talk, and biding his time. What a thrill!

We stayed up till after midnight talking by the fire. I felt so completely happy and full of a sense of well being – all my children home, together again for the next five days!!

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