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On Saturday I finally published Where Lions Roar at Night as an ebook on the internet! It’s been a huge process and a steep learning curve for me, but I feel an equally big thrill at having finally accomplished it. 🙂

Now I’m asking a favour from my readers and friends! I need some people who are willing to go to Smashwords and write a review about the book . It doesn’t have to be long at all – just a few enthusiastic, glowing words –  but if I get a few (hopefully lots of!) reviews happening, immediately it will bump the book higher up on the huge list of ebooks available! It would be the best thing ever you could do to help me!! I’m hoping that the ebook will mean that families all over the world can enjoy my books – but first they have to know that it even exists.

If you would like to do this, click on the link below. It will take you to my book. You may have to enrol in Smashwords before you can write a review, but all that takes is entering your email address and choosing a password. Eazy peazy.

Also, for those of you who know folk overseas, it would be wonderful if you could let them know about the free download available. The book is  free for the next two weeks. And if any of you belong to home-schooling loops etc, it would be amazing if you could send them the link and encourage them to download the book.

Thanks so much folks! I always feel tentative about asking busy people to do something like this, but I really need to or it’s just going to sit hidden amongst all the other ebooks.

I plan to publish Where Arrows Fly ebook very shortly also, so would love it if you could also support me in  the same way for that one. I’ll let you know soon. I’ll also let you know when Aazon has the ebook. It is currently under review.

Thank you so much!!!!

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