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Finished Book Four

Well, at 8.59 pm on the 8th April I finally sent the completed manuscript and illustrations to my designer to prepare for print. Yippee! I did the 102nd illustration and then we had a celebration meal and  broke open the bottle of sparkling grape juice. 🙂 A real feeling of accomplishment. This book seems to have taken a long time!

I hope you, my readers, will enjoy reading it when it comes out (June??) One of the things I have put in this last Barn Chronicles book is a photo album. A  number of people have asked me to do that, so I’ve had fun choosing photos of all the characters and animals and places…

I’ll keep you posted on release date etc closer to the time. It all depends how quickly my designer can get onto the layout etc. So, now it’s on to new things, new books, new ideas! Exciting.

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