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Yesterday afternoon I read some of Robert Brault’s quotes out to Mum and she laughed and laughed at some of them. It was so lovely to hear her laughing like that. One of the ones that set her off was about friends, so I’ve decided today to… lump a few of his friendship quotes together.

“You never have a friend all figured out. Just when you think you know what makes them tick, they tock.”

“I like friends who, when you tell them you need a moment alone, know enough not to stray too far.”

“I value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar, but I cherish the friend who for me does not consult his calendar.”

“It is sad to see a friendship expire because you carelessly assumed that it would automatically renew.”

I thought I’d add a photo of me and my best friend (Other than Chris!) Enjoy your friends today.

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