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Good From Bad

I’ve been meaning to write here for ages now, and tell of the good things that have come out of my accident. I’ve had to be non-weight bearing for the last month – two more weeks to go! There hasn’t been a lot I can do around the house, other than sit and fold washing. But..!! I have had all the time in the world to finish my book called Where Lions Roar at Night – the story of our fun and adventures living in the barn. It’s a family read aloud and will hopefully be published before Christmas. The really neat thing is that with all the extra hours of sedentary life, I have been able to draw all the illustrations for the book!! I have loved doing them!! I have just finished 65 illustrations – pen and ink drawings. Such fun, and something I could never have done in my busy life before the accident. So, yet again, good comes from bad!! P.S For further details on the book, watch my website

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