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I woke feeling so melancholic and sad this morning. At 4.30 on Thursday morning I’m taking Kate and Ellie to Auckland airport – both are going to Mount Hope in Indonesia with a team from church for ten days, and then Kate is going on to Cambodia for six months. I will pick Ellie up from the airport when she returns and take her straight down to Hamilton to start her new life down there at Vision College doing her music degree. I will miss them both so much. 

In my down moments I think why does life have to change? Why can’t the children stay little and us all be together as a young family forever? Stupid questions I know. But I still ask them sometimes. I have loved having my home full of little ones. I’ve also loved watching them grow up. And I look forward to seeing them fall in love and marry, and have children of their own. But I still feel desperately sad at the thought of saying goodbye. Kate wanted me to look in a clothes trunk for some sarongs she can take to Cambodia – while I was looking I came across some of the girls’ little smocked dresses.

 That started the tears! But then I also found a gorgeous little dress that I couldn’t resist buying for my future little grand daughter??? And a bonnet made by Janie (who lives in our barn with Zak, my nephew, and their little girl Zelda. Janie makes and sells these gorgeous old fashioned bonnets on Trade Me and I couldn’t resist this one. 🙂 ) They made me remember that wonderful times are ahead – yes, life changes, but I need to embrace the change and look forward to all it will bring. 

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