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Haiku at the Booms

This morning we had fun doing Haiku poems together. Haikus must have only three lines, with five syllables in the first and third lines, and seven in the second line. We did What Am I? haikus. Have a read and see if you can work out what the different animals/things are. I’ll put the answers up tomorrow. 🙂 Kids, you may like to try your own  and send them to me so we can try and guess your What Am I? haikus.

Sam’s Haiku

Humungous front teeth

Massive mouth and big body

The great river king

Jake’s Haiku

I am smooth as glass

Colder than a soaked page

I come out at night

Rosie’s Haiku

Time for me to die

I fall softly to the ground

On the soft carpet.

Dad heard us reading out ours while he was in his office and did his own!

Working hard with round feet

Powerful, though I must drink

Off we go, beep beep!

(You’re not meant to rhyme them, but Chris said his just came out that way. :))                                                                                 Rosie – 12 May 2011

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