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What a wonderful time of year harvest is! Our trees are laden with pears and peaches and my little  damson plum tree filled a good size basket with delicious looking fruit. I cooked them up yesterday – the small red skinned yellow-fleshed plums make the most wonderful thick red syrup – perfect for tasty tarts and jam.

Red onions – the first I’ve ever grown! I’ve since plaited a whole lot of them up and they’re hanging above the Homewood. 🙂

Damson plums – small like large grapes but deliciously tart!

I’ve also made heaps of spicy tomato sauce from some heritage tomatoes. They look weird but taste delicious.

And my chillies are about to be made into sweet chilli sauce, thanks to Annabelle Langbein’s recipe!

We also harvested half our potatoes the other week – a good crop! Treid some purple skinned ones as well this year. Also Maori potatoes – yum! I still have heaps more in my new potager garden. They’re still a few weeks off, as is our sweetcorn – very late this year!

Some friends gave us baskets of Golden Queen peaches and the kids helped me preserve them – or should I say half of them?? We ate the rest as we did it. 🙂

I also harvested my sweet pea seeds ready for next year! My sister-in-law gave me these seeds when we first moved into the barn and I was worried they might have died in the interim before I tried planting them. But I had a wonderful success and the most fragrant  flowers. I want HEAPS in my garden next year!

Anyway, I’d better go and check on my dinner. I hope those of you who enjoy harvest are having a plentiful one too. 🙂

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