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Hello 2021!

Hello from New Zealand! It’s been ages since I posted here, and I apologize for that! The book tour of March 2020 survived for just five short days and then had to be cancelled due to our country going into lockdown with COVID 19. In the last nine months, our family has had the joy of an engagement in India, three weddings, our first grandbaby, our daughter Ellie home from Europe for six months, and a number of exciting building projects. It’s been a very happy, busy (and strange!) year.

Here are a few photos of each of the weddings and our darling grandson, Obi.

Samuel and Emma

Kate and Aakarsh’s wedding

Aakarsh and Katie’s engagement in India

Obadiah John

On another note, I’ve been enjoying doing some Facebook live videos, sharing homeschooling tips with parents (you can watch these on my Facebook page, or on my You Tube channel (

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