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Homewood Stoves

Those of you who have read The Barn Chronicles will know how much we, the Boom family, love our beautiful cast iron cooking stove – a Heritage made by Homewood Stoves. Our Homewood kept us warm during the long cold winters we had in our uninsulated 100-year-old barn, and ensured we had delicious lamb roasts and casseroles for dinner when the power went off for days during storms. It heated our water and provided a place of comfort for the family to gather around while the barn creaked and groaned in the wind and rain pounded on the iron roof. It truly was (and still is!) the heart of our home.

The designer of these amazing stoves is David Foote, my twin sister’s husband. Their son Zak has been involved in the business since 2009. He’s been producing some beautiful videos which you can view on the Homewood Stoves channel on YouTube, and I think many of you will love them! They feature simple family life in the country and uphold the family values that I have tried to promote in my books.

Their latest video features Penny and Dave singing a song written by my sister called Hearth and Home. It’s filmed up at the rustic Homewood Cabin, which again features many times in The Barn Chronicles! I’m sure you’ll be blessed.

The song is also available for download, if you’d like to show them some support:…

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