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I Can Plod

We’ve just had the most glorious sunny day here in the north of New Zealand, after a very wet winter. The house building has continued through winter, but only just. My accident really slowed us down. Chris had to continue on his own, without his blonde blockie assistant. (The upside of that is that Chris has realised just how much I sped him up!!  ) However today, we began again in earnest. We set our target for 100 blocks, and when the mortar ran out and we did a count – we had done exactly 100! Yay. I know it doesn’t sound very impressive, but I also know that block by block, row by row, we are getting there. It made me think of the wonderful story of William Carey, the great missionary to India. One day someone asked him, “To what do you owe your incredible success and achievements?” Carey replied, “I can plod. I can persevere in any given pursuit. To this I owe everything.”

Inspiring! Well, Chris and I can plod. And one day we will finish this house.

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