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In Need of Encouragement

This afternoon I started painting some of the windows in the new house that we are building and they took forever and were really tricky…felt quite discouraged and started thinking we’d be better off getting aluminium ones for the bottom storey – I couldn’t bear the thought of painting all the bottom windows as well. Went back to the barn at afternoon tea time and it was in a mess … I asked my 15 year old daughter Elle to make dinner and went back out to the painting feeling pretty discouraged. Shortly afterwards she came to the building site to tell my husband and I that we weren’t allowed to go back to the barn until we heard the gong for dinner. I knew something was up! 

So we kept working and just before six, nine-year-old Jacob arrived wearing a black coat and tails (I got given three suits at a concert I did recently for the Senior Citizens!), complete with a black twirly moustache painted on, a tie and black pants. He bowed with a great flourish and told us that we were to come back to the barn and get dressed up ready for dinner!! So I put on a full long skirt and my fur coat and some bling, and Chris got all dressed up in some black trousers and a coat…when we came out the place was lit up with candles, and all the children were standing at attention; the three boys and Milly dressed in tuxedos, and Ellie in a ball dress. 

They had set the table with our special plates and written out a flash menu for the delicious dinner, as well as an after dinner plan of events which included a movie and popcorn…what a wonderful, uplifting evening!! And do you know what? The huge task of window painting seemed to dwindle to nothing.

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