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In the Garden

We’ve just had a lovely weekend with Chris’s Mum and Dad up here. Mum is a wonderful gardener and helped the children plant out our corn and potato garden. She even helped me milk Amelia! She used to milk her own cows as a child and hasn’t done it for 50 years! but once you’ve learned, you never forget!

She and Chris mixed up some baking soda and ginger for a calf that had a stomach ache, and then helped him shift the cattle. So Nana had a great time on our little farm. 🙂

Today we were up to John 13 at devotions, so I decided we would wash each other’s feet. 🙂 We’ve done it a few times over the years and it’s always a lovely time, lots of laughs and a general feeling of love. I said I wanted to get a photo and Jacob posed for me – but it was not a very good expression of humility!! 

That’s better!

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