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In the Treetops

This afternoon I took Ellie, Milly, Sam and Jacob out to the Adventure Forest for some high tree top challenges! I decided I needed to do it as well, and I’m glad I did, even though a couple of the activities stressed the weak muscles in my old broken leg somewhat.

Milly is on the left in the photo; I’m waiting at the right hand platform, twelve metres up. The de-briefing before we started was vital of course. We had a comprehensive safety talk, and learned how to use the harness and the karabiners – and the absolute importance of using them the right way, in the right sequence etc. A great analogy of how vital it is for us to listen to God’s de-briefing; to pay attention to his warnings and his advice.  Only then can we explore the heights safely, and make it to the end of the adventure!

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