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Indians on the Island

Yesterday Sam, Jake and their friend , Aljoh, carried bamboo poles, an old tarpaulin and all sorts of tools onto Black Rabbit Island. I had been promising for a week to help them make a teepee. We had a great book from the library which gave us detailed instructions. We had so much fun. It took all afternoon, but I didn’t even think about all the other things I had to do. We made such a cool teepee. By dinnertime we had Chief Running Duck, Little Red Wing and Eagle Killer ready to light a fire and have a pow wow in the teepee. By this time my husband Chris was home…he became Big Chief Long Legs. Six of us sat in the teepee and had some laughs watching Big Chief Long Legs try to sit cross legged. The pow wow didn’t last very long – Big Chief Long Legs said, ” No more pow wow. Big chief Long Legs has sore butt.”

He ran back to the barn to get some paper for the fire, while the rest of us looked at the stars. I saw him creep back to the teepee by a different way and guessed he was going to ambush us. ..then in the darkness we all hear a deep voice, “Indian war party stuck in mud.” 

It was such a wonderful afternoon and evening and the boys haven’t stopped talking about it. Great memories, and all they took was a bit of TIME to create.

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