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Jesus Loves Me


Today I took Mum out into the lounge and did a little concert for the ladies. I can’t play guitar at the moment because of my sore arm, but the piano didn’t hurt as much. (It didn’t sound so very crash hot but I think I got away with it. )… Sitting right beside the piano was Laura who’s turning 100 in April. When I introduced her to Mum she said, “Oh, she looks almost as young as you!” One of the other ladies heard her say that and said, “That’s because she’s lived a godly life for Jesus.” Laura then told Mum , “Your daughter must practice the piano such a lot because she’s so good (@!!%$#) She’s such a sweet wee thing and we love her so very much.” Made me feel very loved. After we’d sung Jesus Loves Me, Laura reached out for my hand and said, “Thank you so much for that! Thanks for reminding me about that lovely little song. I remember singing that as a child.” In the background Betty started calling out, “Come on! Hurry up! Sing Jesus Loves me again!” Then she started off singing it by herself – on and on. The simplicity and power of the Gospel. (Makes me think of the other old song ‘Jesus loves the little children, except I’m thinking it should have another verse – Jesus loves the precious old folk) I did a few more songs and then Laura announced to everyone that I was going to do one more. “Only one more, because it’s getting late and we’ve all got husbands out working in the fields and on the farm. They’re going to come in starvingly hungry and we’d better have dinner ready for them.” What a precious time.

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