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Josiah is Home!

The kids and I woke up at 3am on Wednesday and drove down to Auckland airport to meet Josiah, home after four months in the States. It was so exciting to see him – he looked so well. In fact the rest of us looked decidedly sickly beside him.

He’s had a wonderful time at the Sonshine camp in Washington D.C. and loved working with the kids. Then he met up with a friend and went to New York, Miami, Santa Fe, Phoenix, Arizona – saw the Grand Canyon etc.

Kate drove up from Hamilton and we spent the morning together in Auckland – had a lovely picnic lunch in the graveyeard of a lovely old church! There was a cool nip in the air but the spring sun was just delicious and we all lay on the grass and just soaked it up. Wonderful.

Jake found my back was a comfortable place to sleep. 🙂

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