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Just a Little Bit of Encouragement

It’s funny how often as I sit down to work on writing some of my next book, little things happen at very opportune times!

This morning I had just started writing a chapter on encouragement…how important it is for us as parents to encourage our children…when in comes my 8 year-old son, Sam, with a library book on how to make origami dinosaurs. “It’s too hard, Mummy,” he said with a down-in-the-mouth look. “I can’t do it.” Now, I must confess I was just about to say, “Never mind, darling” and carry on writing, when I recognized the moment for what it was!!

I got up from the computer and gave my son the encouragement he needed! Together we worked on the brontosaurus and lo and behold! it appeared! All Sam needed was a tiny bit of encouragement.

And it came to me – a new formula:

“I can’t” + encouragement = “I can!”

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