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Just a Little Oil

Last night I decided to mend one of my patchwork quilts. I got out my sewing machine which I must confess hasn’t been used much since we started building our house. And the few times I have used it, I’ve got more and more frustrated at how slowly and noisily it’s been going. This time, it wouldn’t work at all. It had seized up completely. Now I need to say here that the machine was a gift from Chris on our very first wedding anniversary.  It has sentimental value to me because of that, but even so I wondered last night whether finally I needed to put it to rest and get a new one. But Chris and Josiah and I decided to take a look at it. We undid a few screws and took a few pieces apart. Then I found a small forgotten bottle of sewing machine oil and gave everything a good dose. Chris got his can of CRC and gave all the working parts a generous squirt. Then we put it back together and …lo and behold, the machine purred as sweetly as it did the very first time I used it! I couldn’t believe it! All it needed was a bit of TLC (tender, loving care – a nursing expression) and some oil. Neglected, that’s what it was, I’m ashamed to say. It did make me think seriously about how easy it is to neglect our marriages and relationships…and how just a little bit of oil can make such a HUGE difference. Someone once said, “Love can thrive in the face of any difficulty, any obstacle, any trial – save one. Neglect.”

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