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Just One of Those Things

The other evening, I heard the car come in the drive. My husband Chris, had just been giving our 15 year old daughter a driving lesson. The next minute there was a loud CRASH!! Kate had accidentally put her foot on the accelerator and had shot into the garage, slammed into an office chair and buckled it up, cracked the table tennis table in half, and knocked over a tool cabinet that was behind it. She was quite upset! I gave her a hug and said, “Never mind, darling. We’ve all done something like that at some stage.” I looked up just in time to see my 16 year-old son, Josiah, shaking his head. 

The next day, when they’d finished washing the car, Chris asked Joe to put the car in the garage. You guessed it. He hit the accelerator by mistake, slammed into the buckled office chair, hit the table tennis table and pushed the tool cabinet over. Unbelievable. It was one of those moments. How the mighty have fallen. We all had a good laugh – even Chris, who gazed in dis-bleief at his twice-injured car. OK. So we’ve got a wee way to go with the lessons.

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