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Kate Home

We’ve just had a wonderful weekend with Katie home. She got here at 2am on Saturday morning after attending an opera in Auckland that her friend was singing in. I heard the crunch of wheels on the drive and woke up straight away, and we had a quiet talk by the fire before heading back to bed. Saturday morning was so relaxed – no soccer to get up early for – other than having to feed the hungry calves! But then we had fun showing Kate all the latest developments around the house and section. Then we all worked hard clearing out more of the barn, planting some roses,and the big job –  bucketing out scores of bucket loads of sludge at the bottom of the pool, ready for Chris and I to plaster. Then it was time for a picnic lunch in Lantern Waste. Oh, I love spring!

 Angel wanted to join us on the picnic blanket but she was wet…but she wriggled her way in…

…and soon looked gorgeous with her daisy crown. 🙂

What a joy it is when the older children come home. The two days flew past as we played games and talked and worked together…and now dear Kate is driving home to Hamilton while I write this and I’ll be waiting up to get her text to know that she’s safely home. 🙂  Always feel sad when she heads off, but the good thing is that it’s holidays in two weeks!!!

Rosie ~ 25th September 2011

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