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Making Mozzarella

Today we moved over our old cream separator from the barn to the new house and set it up ready to use again. Blossom (the house cow!) has  no calves on her now so Milly is milking each day and we have a LOT of milk. So this afternoon Milly gave Sam his first lesson in separating the cream from the milk. Then she taught him how to make butter. In the meantime I had my first go at making mozzarella. I must have done something wrong because the milk didn’t form curds in 25 mins like the recipe said, and now, five hours later, it’s just starting. Only trouble is, I want to go to bed!

I’ve just downloaded an old manual for our 1927 De Laval Cream Separator and  also found this lovely picture. We have a leak happening when we spin the milk, so I might just head off and study the manual in the bath. 🙂 I’m hoping the cheese will wait till tomorrow???  

Rosie ~ 14 May 2011

It did! And I have just made some stretchy mozzarella and some ricotta. Quite proud of myself. Also found these gorgeous old posters advertising the De Laval cream separators.

I love the colours of this one. I’ve printed it out and framed it so it can hang above our own cream separator on the porch. 🙂

Rosie ~ 15 May 2011

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