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Maori Potatoes

Last night we had visitors over for dinner, and I prepared a beef roast and roast vegetables, including some delicious maori potatoes. Milly put a crop in her garden and I must confess that when we harvested them I was inclined to despise the small, knobbly, purple red potatoes.

How mistaken I was! They are delicious! And even the tiniest ones have been scrubbed and found their way into soups and casseroles. The amazing thing about them is that they hold together as firm as can be, no matter how long you cook them.  And so tasty! We are definitely going to keep some as seed potatoes and will make plenty of space for them in our spring garden. Oh, and I must mention, the powers that be say that these potatoes are much healthier for us than the standard white potatoes! I can believe them.

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