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Meet Fairlight

Two days ago, I got a tiny three day old Jersey calf for ‘my very own self’!! I’ve been wanting to get a calf that I can hand rear and train to be my own house cow for a while now. None of those stroppy cull cows for me! I want one that is as steady and as calm as a rock, and here she is.  Okay, she’ll be two years in the making, but we all know how quickly two years passes. 🙂

Well…here she will be! Her name is Fairlight and she has pretty white markings just above each hoof, and sprinkled on her body, and one funny mark that looks like a spanner on her head!

We put her in the calving shed with the ten other Fresian calves that the kids are raising. She looks tiny beside them! Just like a little fawn. 🙂

With just a bit of help from me, she quickly latched onto the calfateria and now guzzles her milk down. I’m sure she’s going to be the very best house cow ever!

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