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Mother’s Day, Mother’s Night

It’s quiet in the house – all the children are tucked up in bed and just Chris and I are awake. I’ve had a beautiful day, starting with early morning cuddles, then breakfast in bed and then some beautiful presents and cards and phone calls. 🙂 I feel so loved, so blessed.

But at the same time I am so aware of all the mothers out there whose Mother’s Day has been a painful, sad experience. Mothers whose hearts are aching – breaking – for their children; those who long to hear from their children and yet know there will be no phone call or text; those who feel so burdened for their child that they feel they can hardly breathe for the pain of it. Mother’s Night.

May those of you who are experiencing this know God’s comfort tonight. May you hear a word of hope whispered in your heart. God knows where your prodigal is. He or she may be in a far country, lost to your eyes, but God knows where they are. He sees. And He cares.

I have found myself often praying the same prayer that Jesus prayed…

“Holy Father, protect them by the power of Your name…” John 17v11

God bless you, dear mothers.

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