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My Darling Mum

My darling mum who is 91 has been unwell lately. Dad  has been her full time devoted carer for so long, but can’t cope single handed anymore. So Penny (my twin) and I have been taking turns staying the night with them. I was up there last night. What a beautiful time I had with them! Mum is so patient and loving, even though she’s in pain with ulcers on her legs. I only hope I’m like her when I’m old and needing care!!!

Mum with me. 🙂 She has cared for me for so many years – my turn now!

I tucked her into bed last night, and must confess I stood by the door and eavesdropped for a few moments because I heard them begin to pray for each other. It was so beautiful. So tender. What a testimony. In a few weeks they will celebrate 70 years of marriage. Wow. What an inspiring example to us younger ones. But even their marriage, which is right up there in my books, has been built. It didn’t just happen. It’s taken years of communication, forgiveness and commitment. They’ve navigated some rocky roads and difficult times.  They’ve called out to God for his help. And they’ve tried to live their lives in a way that pleases him. The result? A beautiful marriage that is like a well of sparkling clean water in a dry and thirsty world.

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