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My New Friend

I made a new friend tonight. She’s 95 years old. I paused to talk to her while I was making Mum a cup of tea and ended up talking for ages. She told me she came out from England when she was five, and that she has no family at all in NZ. No… brothers or sisters. No cousins. She never married and had no children. She is completely alone. So I told her I would be her adopted daughter and visit her every day when I’m visiting Mum. I asked her if she was a Christian and she said, ‘Yes, a Baptist.” I told her that I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus when I was 16 at the Central Baptist here in Whangarei. She beamed at me and told me that she gave her heart to Jesus when she was 17 at the Whangarei Central Baptist. How wonderful. Sisters in Christ. She told me she has bad pain in her legs sometimes at night so I asked if I could pray for her. The tears streamed down her face as we held hands and prayed. I had a bit of a cry myself as I drove home tonight. Thinking about her and so many other lonely people up there. I’m really glad I took the time to stop and talk. 

Rosie ~ 13 March 2014

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