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No Broken Bones

On Wednesday my darling 90-year-old mum had a fall and hurt her right leg. She was in a lot of pain so we ended up spending eight hours at the hospital having blood tests, ECG, examinations by doctors and of course x-rays. What wonderful care she was given over those hours! Doctors, nurses, physios, occupational therapists, social workers…NZ is a great place to be in when you get sick, that’s for sure.

When we got the wonderful news that there were no broken bones, we were so relieved! Mum had been asking for hours if she could eat something – she was starving! So as soon as the doctor gave us the good news, she enjoyed a cheese and onion sandwich. 🙂

Praising God for the good news!

The long-anticipated sandwich!

Now Mum is back at home with Dad, and Penny and I are taking turns staying with them to look after Mum and get her walking again. We share the night watches and making of meals. I told my children yesterday that Mum is the perfect patient! So kind, never grumpy or complaining – in fact she is always saying, “Are you warm enough, dear? Watch out that you don’t hurt your foot …” Always looking out for me. Boy, I hope I’m like her when I’m old and needing care. 🙂 What a wonderful example she is of a godly woman. The beauty of Jesus shines through her even in times like this.

Happy and thankful to be home. 🙂

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