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Off To Cambodia!

Thought I’d get one last post up before we climb aboard the silver bird and fly across the seas to Kate in Cambodia. 🙂 We leave at 11am on Sunday. Today Sam and I had fun packing our bags. Chris will hopefully get his done tonight. Then I spent five hours today printing and cutting 1000 bookmarks for the prisoners in the prison where we’re doing a concert. My darling Mum drew these years ago and put verses in Khmer on them – just one of the some 65 languages she did bookmarks in!

After three hours I had blisters forming on my finger and thumb so it was time to enlist the help of the children. 🙂 Also did some uncoloured ones to give out to the children over there who might like to colour them in, and also some Vietnamese ones for us to give out while we’re in Vietnam.

We’re wondering how we’re going to adapt to the heat – Kate said it was 40 degrees there the other day. Eek. We had a cracker frost here the other morning, so it’s going to be a real change!!

The meadow looked white with snow.

So we’re off to warmer climes for our next swim. 🙂

We’d value your prayers, both for us as we travel and for the rest of the family who are staying behind. Wonderful to know that God will be watching over all of us.

Rosie – 29th June 2012

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