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Off to Wanganui

A good frost here this morning! Happily, Chris had stoked the fire in the night, so it is warm and snug in the house. Today I fly to Wanganui to speak at a women’s weekend. I bet it’s cold down there!

Yesterday was a lovely day for me – my birthday, and of course Penny’s! I opened presents in bed and then Milly cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast. School had to carry on without me while I went up to Pen’s and brought the horses down for the farrier – meant I had a lovely fresh ride up the hills under the bluest every sky – not a cloud to be seen! Then we had a special celebration lunch at my place.

I brought down the rocking horse that Chris made for our children nearly twenty years ago, and the little girls, Zelda and Lily Rose had fun on it! (Can’t wait for my own grandchildren!!)

After a lovely afternoon tea with my mum and dad, I took Sam to soccer practice and came home to a real treat – opened the door and saw the whole kitchen and dining room lit up with dozens of candles!

 Jake had set the table beautifully and written a special card for ‘lovely Mummy’. Ellie had cooked curry chicken and rice – my favourite! So it was a beautiful day and I feel thankful to God for all His gifts and blessings.

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