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Our Homewood is in!

It was really cold in Whangarei last night!  I came home at 9.30pm with the kids after an afternoon/evening of soccer and youth group. We opened the door and felt the warmth straight away and I knew that Chris had succeeded in getting the flue finished and had LIT THE HOMEWOOD!!!!!

And there was Shasta our cat sitting contentedly by it. We pulled up chairs in front of it and warmed our cold hands and toes. Jake ran off, had a quick shower and then raced back down to have a cuddle with Mummy by the Homewood. It’s hard to describe the feeling I had when I walked into our new home and saw our beautiful Homewood, with a crackling fire in it. All the warm, cozy feelings of long nights in our barn flooded back, all the happy memories, and I felt like our new home was finally HOME.  Now I look forward to cooking on it again, finishing bottling my apples, and long lazy evenings by the fire, just reading with the children and talking together.  Thanks Homewood Stoves!!!!

It’s been quite a long process getting the flue in – some of the pieces we’d bought were the  wrong size, and then it kept raining on and off, making it unsafe to be up on the roof. Milly was a huge help to Dad up there, and Sam was his go fetch it boy.

Now I’m looking forward to putting up a rod to hang my pots and pans from. Eventually we’re going to put a rack above the stove for drying things, raising bread etc. Just think of all the delicious bread I can make in my Homewood!

Rosie – 18 May 2011

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