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Puddle and Glum

On Saturday I had the joy of rescuing one of our newly hatched Indian Runner ducklings that was lying cold and weak in the shallow watering dish. I have no idea how long she’d been hatched for. Three eggs had hatched the day before, with two ducklings dying in the night, which was so sad. One duckling however was doing well and Milly had named her Puddle. I thought this latest duckling was dead but then heard it make a small peep. I held it and warmed it in my hands for half an hour, and couldn’t believe how quickly she (I hope!) became stronger. Within the hour she was feeding mash out of my hand, and taking small drinks of water. So cute! That night she snuggled up to a covered hot water bottle. In the morning when she heard my voice, she peeped loudly.  When I held out my cupped hands she ran to them and climbed up into them. Her name is Glum ( the second part of Puddleglum the Marshwiggle’s name). We enjoyed her for two days – loving the way she’d run to us and climb all over our legs with her big webbed feet, fall asleep in our hands, and entertain us with her antics. But we wanted to get her with Mama Duck and Puddle as soon as possible. So yesterday we put her out in the pen with them and watched to see what would happen. Joy of joys, she was accepted and began following them everywhere. That night, we checked before going to bed to make sure she was going to be warm enough. And there she was (or wasn’t!) – tucked safe and warm from sight under her Mama. Gorgeous. Both Puddle and Glum are thriving and are a joy to watch. Amazing how much joy you can get from God’s creation!

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