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Angel has been nesting under beds for the last week – in fact she tore up a lot of my old letters that Milly had under bed…the very ones Kate wrote about in her blog. Grrr. then yesterday she ripped a mattress under Ellie’s bed. Chris had commented only this morning that she was looking way too fat…and then at lunch time I noticed she had milk in her teats! She obviously thinks she’s having puppies – I wish she was, but somehow I doubt it very much. 🙁

Here’s a photo of her in her basket while we did devotions this morning. She carried down Jacob’s teddy bear Shadrach and cuddled him. So cute!

Thought I’d also add a photo of my quirkiest buy while I was in the States – an antique cast iron potato masher!! It works so well and looks wonderful hanging above my Homewood stove. So Chris can’t accuse me of having bought ‘another trinket’.

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