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To whom it may concern

About 6 years ago I invited Rosie Boom to be a speaker at a retreat I organize for home schooling mothers, called H.E.A.R.T. (Home Educators’ Annual Retreat). Rosie ministered to us in so many ways. She is a gifted encourager, a wonderful singer/songwriter, and an inspired teacher. The combination of her God-given abilities has blessed, strengthened and encouraged us all as mothers so much that she has come back, by popular demand, every year since!

I cannot recommend Rosie Boom highly enough. She is not only a fantastic motivational speaker, but with God’s Word, coupled with humorous and honest stories from her own experiences, Rosie proves to be a powerful communicator of God’s truths.

Her love for her husband and 6 fantastic children is a real example to us of the love, care and creativity we all need to be showing in our families. She is a godly and wise woman whom I have been blessed to get to know as a guest speaker, and now count as a dear friend.

Yours faithfully

Chris Bovill

To whom it may concern I have known Rosie Boom for many years now, both as a musician, a mother and a writer. Her passion for her family and for raising children with a love for God, and others is contagious. She has displayed, over many years, a faithfulness in educating her children and in passing on how values need to be both caught and taught in a family. It has been a delight to have Rosie as a regular columnist in our magazine Parenting, which is now the biggest selling magazine in New Zealand for parents of children aged 0 -18 years. Feedback from readers has been hugely positive as they look for material that they can use to teach christian truth and character in a relevant way. I can highly recommend her as a speaker, musician and writer.  Yours faithfully,  Mary Grant Communications Director Parents Inc. 

To whom it may concern.

We are writing to attest to the Christian character of Rosie Boom, whom we have known for twenty years. She and her husband Chris wholeheartedly train their children to be responsible citizens who love and serve God, care about others—and enjoy life creatively and energetically!

Rosie is a worshipper of God, a songwriter and singer.  Chris and Rosie and Penny, the twin sister of Rosie, have recorded several CD’s of original Christian songs—with very meaningful words.

Rosie is a registered nurse, has served on short-term missions in primitive areas, and is a fine Bible teacher.  She is also the teacher of her six home schooled children. Everything she does is “with all her heart”, for the Lord Jesus Christ is first place in her life. She has the ability to inspire others to take positive action. Rosie is also the author of “The Gift of VALUES”, which is a thoughtfully written resource for how to have family devotions with a mixed age group of children.

Sincerely, Brian and Ruth Young U.S.A Trainers of Christian leaders in cross-cultural evangelism (Formerly in the leadership of “The Great Commission Institute”)

To whom it may concern

I have personally known Rosie for more than 25years. Most of that time was at the Assemblies of God Church in Hamilton, & more recently at Crossroads Community Church here in Whangarei when Rosie & her family shifted north.

Chris & Rosie & their children have been a great blessing in our church. Rosie is a woman of God who is trustworthy & of high integrity. I don’t allow many people to preach in our pulpit but Rosie is one whose input & insightfulness & anointing, our congregation enjoy & respond to.

I have no hesitation in endorsing Rosie to you. I am sure your church will be blessed by her ministry.

Pastor Don James Senior Minister Crossroads Community Church Whangarei To Whom it may concern

I have known Chris and Rosie Boom for approximately 18 years. They have been faithful and committed members of GateWay Christian Centre for 20 years. I cannot speak highly enough of this couple and their children. They truly are a remarkable family.

Their music ministry is of an exceptionally high quality. Beyond the excellence of the sound however is a wonderful touch of God upon them that significantly impacts those who listen. Even though I have heard them minister many times I am always moved afresh by their ministry. It is not rare or unusual to see many in the congregation moved to tears by the tenderness of God as they minister.

Rosie is an inspirational communicator. She ministers regularly in preaching and teaching here at Gateway and is greatly loved and appreciated by our congregation. If my wife and I are away we often ask Rosie to fill the pulpit, knowing that in our absence the people will be well fed and cared for.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Chris and Rosie to you. I know you will not regret having them minister to your people. Yours sincerely,

Don Barry Senior Leader Gateway Christian Centre Hamilton New Zealand To whom it may concern

I have known Rosie for over 15 years, and have always admired her vibrant love of God and her great wisdom, and that she lives her life 24/7 for God.

Rosie is a gifted teacher and exceptional musical performer. Te Kuiti Aglow have regularly invited Rosie to speak at our meetings, and there has always been an excited and expectant reaction from our ladies when we announce her as our next speaker. Rosie has a unique, gentle, yet powerful manner of communicating the message God gives her to share.

I highly recommend her as a speaker. Jan Barker President, Te Kuiti Aglow, New Zealand

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