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Remembering Happy Times

Last night we spent a good hour looking at some old home videos. No-one wanted to stop watching, but of course we had to go to bed eventually – soccer in the morning! What a joy it was, remembering all the funny things that have happened (which are so easy to forget); the business, the noise and bustle of a large young family; the joy! I said to Chris that night, “Perhaps one of the joys of heaven will be that all past joys will be as vivid and as present and real as the current ones. The sum total of all our joys throughout our whole life – and eternity – rolled into one experience – and then some!”  What an amazing thought. I know that heaven is going to totally and utterly blow away our highest imaginings.

Today I heard a story about a young boy who accidentally shut his little brother’s fingers in a door. He ran away and hid, upset by what had happened. When his father found him, he was looking at photos in the family’s photo album. When his father asked him what he was doing, he said, “I’m remembering happier times.” Cute.

Here’s an old photo I just found of when the kids were little – happy times!

C.S. Lewis wrote about being ‘surprised by joy’. I just know that even in our happiest, fullest times,  we have had only had a glimpse of the joys yet to be known. Hallelujah.

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