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Review of Where the Jungle Calls

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Reviewed by Kathryn Drinkwater, Editor of New Zealand Christian Writers

Where the Jungle Calls is a true-life story written for boys and girls who will quickly connect with and be enthralled by the adventures, dangers and mischief found within. It’s taken from three years of the author’s childhood and is written in the voice of Rose the child sharing experiences as they happen. For those who have experienced the jungles of Papua New Guinea this book will take you back. Sharing Rose’s family adventure is a chance to gain something extra special. Rosie writes in such a way that it’s as if you are there in the jungle with her. Crocodiles, snakes and butterflies are just a few of the creatures that feature. There are laugh out loud moments and ‘gras bilong ai’ (eyebrow) raising incidents. Discover what Rose catches in her net, the unique skill of an organist and what some teachers surprisingly wear on their feet in a jungle classroom. Rose’s family demonstrate courage in the face of difficulties. There are examples of great parenting by Rose’s parents as they make difficult decisions. Rose and her siblings’ reluctance to leave their jungle home is a great reminder that children don’t need technology to be happy. However, they do need books! If you’ve read any of Rosie Boom’s previously published set of books, The Barn Chronicles, you will discover this is a delightful addition to that library.

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