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Rose, the Milkmaid

Well, this afternoon I milked a cow for the first time all by myself! I have had the odd attempt at milking Blossom (may she rest in peace), but was always a bit nervous of her somewhat stroppy ways. Actually I think she was the proverbial ‘one-girl cow.’ Anyway, we have Penny’s house cow down here while Pen is away overseas. Her name is Amelia, and she is VERY quiet! My kind of cow.

She stood patiently as I muddled around perfecting (??) my technique and I felt completely relaxed as I milked her. No worries when I accidentally clanged the bucket. Quiet and solid as a rock. I was even able to have fun squirting Eva and Shasta, our two cats. Angel came along too late for her share, but managed to lick a bit up off the stones.

So now I’m thinking ahead to when Milly has moved away from home (:() and is no longer our resident milkmaid. I’ve decided that I am going to go down to our local farmer and choose myself a cute looking calf, and spend the next two years handling her and training her up as my very own house cow, so she’ll be as quiet and as co-operative as Amelia!! I think I will quite enjoy it. 🙂

Jake has his first try at milking (at my insistance!) …

…and quite enjoys it.

Rosie ~  21 August 2011

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