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Sam’s Long Board

The last four weeks has seen Samuel trying to make his own longboard, with little success. The first one he made snapped in two when Jacob jumped on it. The second one broke apart under his own weight. But he didn’t give up! He asked his dad for some advice and Chris told him to use some ply instead of the weatherboard he was using. So Sam cut out his third board and sanded it up. Then he attached the second hand wheels that I had found him at the dump shop on an old wrecked board. Yay for the dump shop! And then he cautiously went for a ride across the dining room floor. It worked like a dream! Now he’s been asked by Milly and Jake if he would make them each one also. 🙂 Another trip to the dump is in order!

So there you go, kids. A good idea for something you can make in the school holidays. 🙂 But please don’t buy all the sets of old wheels! I need two more myself. 🙂

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