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Simple Joys

Feel like I need to write something today. We’ve just heard the dreadful news of six teenagers and their teacher who drowned today in a flash flood – all of them from a Christian school in Auckland. I feel so deeply sad for the families.

We also had a fierce electrical storm that morning. Once the storm had passed, the kids went down to our flooded river and had great fun canoeing and swimming….I stood somewhat anxiously on the bank, constantly urging them to be careful. Now, all I can do is think of those poor children and their grieving families.

This afternoon, the girls and I spent several hours peeling and stewing baskets and baskets of apples. The barn was filled wth the delicious smell; the rain was still loud on our tin roof; we worked by the warmth of our wood stove and listened to Kate playing the piano. And I thought how very blessed we were to be alive and able to enjoy such simple pleasures.

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