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Singing Competitions

Ellie, Milly and I have just had a fun but exhausting weekend at the Northland Performing Arts Competitions. Both of them were competing in a number of classes from folk songs to oratorios.

 It was Milly’s first time ever, and it started with a hiss and a roar on Friday night with the group competition class. The girls sang with another girl and two boys – they were terrific! I know I’m biased, but the judge must have thought they were too cos she gave them first place. 🙂  Exciting! The next day Ellie sang a German Leider and a song in costume, both of which she won. Milly did her first solo on the Saturday night and did very well, although she said she was VERY nervous. On Sunday morning they both did a song in the Gospel section and afterwards someone commented how lovely it was to see performers whose faces shone with the truth of what they were singing! Ellie won the class with a very high mark anad was later awarded a cup for the highest mark in the whole competition across the ages for Gospel. (She also won a cup for the highest in the song in costume section)

On Sunday afternoon it was the folk section and I was thrilled with Milly’s song – it was her best performance. But you could have knocked us both over with a feather when she ended up getting first place – even beating her sister in third place!! It was lovely to see Ellie so thrilled for her.

Ellie got a couple of second placings and two thirds, and runner up in the championship, but the best thing was that she won the intermediate scholarship – $250!! All in all it was a very exciting weekend. We had some lovely times together, going out to lunch and dinner in between all the busyness. We all came home exhausted last night, so I’m going to head off now and try and get an early night!!

Rosie ~ 12 September 2011

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