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Sixty years!

A few weeks ago my twin sister Penny and I celebrated our sixtieth birthday! We had a fabulous evening of celebration and thanksgiving, full of memories and dancing…we hired a six-piece swing band and everyone came dressed in wonderful 1920’s costumes.

20160723_184633 (Small)
_PAU4323 (Small)

And then yesterday Penny gave me the most amazing (late :)) birthday present!!  – an amazing painting she did for me, looking from the top of their mountain down the valley towards our place. And hidden among the trees is our house, marked by a thin wisp of smoke.

On the back she wrote:

“If I were to leave my cosy kitchen hearth and, climbing up the steep hill behind my house… If I were to gaze Nor’west down Kara Valley on a crisp autumn evening in the gloaming, I might spy a thin wisp of smoke. And if I could follow that ribbon of smoke down the chimney I know that I would find a Homewood stove with maybe a pot of soup simmering, a kettle boiling, and bread rolls in the oven… And in that kitchen I know I would find….my sister! What a beautiful God-blessed thought!”

Can there be any present more beautiful, more sentimental and precious than that??! Thank you, Penny!!!

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