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Sowing the Lawn

Today has been one of those glorious full on, achieve lots sort of day!!! Chris and I were outside at 7.30am preparing the area and then the bob cat (tomcat as my mother calls it!) arrived and the work began. He spread all the top soil – including one huge pile that has been there for three years ( from our house foundations). The place looks so tidy! Then we went up the hill at my sister’s farm and collected a truck load of rocks for our stone wall and also a huge one for a diving rock for our pool. Exciting!

Once the bobcat went, the family got to work. Samuel and I were on the rakes, Chris spread the seed and Jacob went over the whole lawn with a roller. It took us from 3pm till sunset. Milly planted my first box hedging for the very first garden! (Ellie was lucky – she was teaching piano while the rest of us slaved – but then she cooked the exhausted workers a lovely meal)

It’s so exciting to finally be at this stage. Been a long time coming! I have visions of little children (grandchildren perhaps??) having three legged races and egg and spoon races on the big lawn. I’ll sleep well and contented tonight.

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