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After one last massive flood last week, we finally have spring here! The grass is green, daffodils and feesias and jonquils are everywhere, and the lawn is covered in daisies.

On Friday morning, Kate and Ellie surprised us by arriving home for the weekend at 8.30am – they left Hamilton at 5am.  So after lunch, they all sat on the lawn and made daisy chains.

Shasta adored being fussed over and was quite the model.

Angel donned her decorations and then checked Shasta’s out. 🙂

Today a mother Mallard duck took her ten babies  for a swim in our pool. They looked so cute swimming around in it, their little legs paddling furiously. Half and hour later, Sam came in to say that they’d all gone except for one little duckling who had been left behind. We left it for a while, waiting to see if mama was coming back to the sound of its little peeping.

Finally we decided to fish it out and take it back down to the river to try and find its family. Milly managed to carefully fish it out with the big net, but then dropped it back in the pool. It climbed on our Floatron and then hopped out and ran off amongst the thick lupins that fill one of my potager beds.  Oh dear. Impossible to find it in there.

However the story has a happy ending. About an hour later the rest of the brood appeared for another swim and the little lost duckling was reunited. 🙂  Don’t you love spring!

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