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Still No Foal

Peony is now ten days over, having missed the opportunity to foal on Christmas Day, New year’s Eve, and the first day of 2012! In fact people have been asking, “Are you sure she’s even pregnant?’ because she looks so small. But today she has started to bag up, and I can squeeze milk from her teat. Tonight she is lying down and I’m out there every few minutes checking on her, while Chris keeps telling me not to be silly – that there’s no way she’ll foal tonight. But I still can’t help wondering!! I sure don’t want to miss it. Most foals are born between 10pm and 4am, and …the time is now 10.05pm…so…I only need to keep watch for six hours. 🙂

But I guess I should be hoping she won’t have it tonight because Milly is away in Hamilton and not home till tomorrow evening. Ah well.

But for those of you who are interested and waiting for news, I thought I’d better type something up. And do keep watch on the website, because I’ll put photos up as soon as I have anyway.

Right…I’m off outside for another check!

Rosie ~ 8 January 2012

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