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Talks, Workshops, Concerts

Here is a list of just some of the things I could do during a visit to your school/church/ladies group/homeschool event /writers’ group etc. I have listed them so you can get an idea of the sort of things I love to share about. Of course if you have a specific theme or something you want me to share about or do, just email me. 🙂

I’m happy to attend writers’ festivals as a panelist or workshop presenter. I can also do library and school visits, and workshops at writers’ groups. If you have something special in mind, just email me.

Rosie 15 May 2011

1.  Weekend Camp or Seminar for Women.

SHE LOVED. The weekend is based on my song She Loved which talks about the life and the loves of Catherine Booth (the wife of William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army). First Session: Her love for God. Second Session: Her love for her husband. Third Session: Her love for her children. Fourth Session: Her love for the church. Fifth Session: Her love for people. The sessions deal with the most important relationships in our lives and covers our Christian walk, marriage, mothering, and reaching out to others with compassion. Lots of humour, as well as plenty of heart-searching. Inspirational and encouraging. Time for ministry and counsel. Testimony: “This weekend was a life-changing experience. I was refreshed and challenged, and ministered to deeply by the Holy Spirit. I am going home to my family with a new joy and love.” Jane, Tauranga, NZ  2. School Visits.

I love to visit schools and libraries to talk about my books or to do writing workshops. I share about my childhood in New Guinea and how I started writing as a child over there. I talk about our life in the barn and what inspired me to write my books. I use a power point to give the children a taste of our simple, country lifestyle, animals etc. I can also do sessions on Teaching Children to Write. I always take my guitar and  sing a few songs.


“Thought I’d let you know that I have had direct feed back from a number of varied sources following your school visit to speak to the different classes. 1. Year 7 & 8 boys went out of their way  to tell me  we need more of your books as the office has run out! They really thought you were inspiring. Their teachers said you offered good practical advice on how to construct a decent narrative- hooks at the beginning etc! 2. New entrant writing spring backed off your family adventures as they remembered and wrote their own possum/rat/ backyard stories!! 3. All teachers were VERY positive about your presentation to their children. 4. A mother came in to tell me her daughter was full of Rosie Boom every night!!! As you can see impact was high and that is what we wanted. I hope you can continue to inspire not just your own but other children in your forthcoming tour.” Lesley Bruce, Matarau School, Whangarei 3. An Evening for Parents – The Gift of Values • Songs about parenting. • Personal testimony and sharing by Rosie in her own parenting journey. • Introducing the book The Gift of Values. • Why are values so vital? How can you have an enjoyable and rich family devotional time? How do you teach your child values such as honesty or courage? • Plenty of creative ideas to get you started on this rewarding journey. • An evening of fun and inspiration. Testimony: “I am inspired! I feel now I have some tools to share with my son the real purpose of education – God’s values and teachings about love. Thank you for sharing your passion, your heart and  the beautiful family you have created.  It is a gift of light! ” Tsahala, NZ   4. Workshops for Home schooling parents. (About 1 1/2 to 2 hours) Some examples: • The Power of Encouragement • Joy in Your Homeschooling Journey • How to Disciple Your Children • Four Things I Need in my Home schooling: Vision; Discipline; Creativity; Joy • Creating Memorable Moments with Your Children • Raising Godly Daughters. Testimony: “I went away feeling like God had touched my heart and kissed my forehead. Thank you for your ministry.” Joanne, Huntly, NZ 5. Inspirational Messages for Women. Some examples: • Starry, Starry Night. (Sometimes we walk under starry heavens, sometimes under black skies. But God is always there. How to survive the blackest of nights.) • Life Lessons from the life of Granny Brand, Missionary to India. (Deals with romance, calling to the missionfield, failure, losing a loved one, still bearing fruit in old age…) • Lips Anointed With Grace. (Death and life are in the power of our tongues. Speaking life into our families and into our children’s lives) • O Love That Will Not Let Me Go. (Using George Matheson’s hymn and dealing with rejection and loss, and the discovery of God’s unfailing love.) • What Have You Lost? (Your devotion to Christ? Your faith? Your love for your spouse or children? Your optimism? Your vision? Your hope? Your anointing? Your joy?) Testimony: “Thank you, Rosie, for your message of hope. I deeply needed the ministry you so willingly provided.” Karen, Colorado. 6. Messages to Teenagers. Some examples: • Choices  (Everything in life flows from decision. How to avoid dumb ones and how to make good ones) • Finding the Love of Your Life. (How to navigate the teenage years and discover the will of God for your life. How to know who ‘the right one’ is.) • Tend to the Fire – staying on fire for Jesus. • The Great Romance – my testimony!

Testimony: “Just wanted to send a note of thanks for your talk at the Girls for Christ camp last week. Julie (13) was there and she really enjoyed what you had to say and has been buzzing about it.  She decided whilst doing her paper run yesterday afternoon to make a commitment to: not do drugs, alcohol, smoke, nor have sex with anyone except her husband. This is something I have dearly desired for her and I pray that she will be able to keep this commitment.” Mother, Auckland, NZ 7. Rosie Boom Concert.  (For however long! 1 to 2 hours is great.)

Songs, and testimony and inspiration. Fun and heart ministry.

Testimony: “Thank you for the beautiful music. It was as if the Lord Himself was speaking to me.” Carol, Hamilton, NZ 8. Family Concert (For however long! 1 to 2 hours is great.) Chris and Rosie sing. The whole Boom family sing together and different children do their own items.  Rosie sings The Barn Song while showing a PowerPoint of the barn and their land and family life with all the animals.  PowerPoint presentation of The Happy Prince – a story for young and old. Puppet show. Challenging and inspirational message woven all throughout the concert. Fun for the whole family. Great for Sunday morning church service. Keep the children in and give the teachers a morning off! Testimony:

“Thank you so much Boom family for your ministry this weekend. You have taken Kerikeri by storm! It seems as if everyone is talking about the concert. Thank you for your honest and inspiring sharing. I feel renewed!” Mary, Kerikeri, NZ

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