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The Big Read!

The Big Read is a nationwide event, as part of the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards festival, to encourage kids to read. I was delighted to hear that one family has planned a special day including putting on a play from Where Lions Roar at Night.

Here’s what they’ve got planned:

“A whole day of books and more books – Mum reading aloud, listening to our audio books when her voice runs out.  Me reading lots of my favourite books without being told to go outside and play.  My sister reading her books and my little brother learning to read some more words.  And putting on a play from one of the books we are reading like Where Lions Roar at Night by Rosie Boom.”

I hope you have a fantastic day!! Wish I was there to hear your play. 🙂 All the best.          …Rosie 9 May 2011

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