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The Creator of Time

I got an email from a woman recently who shared with me the pain of trying to have children but not being able to conceive thus far. It made me think of a wonderful quote I have written in the back of my Bible taken from a letter by Samuel Rutherford, a preacher in the 1600’s. He wrote a beautiful letter to a woman in his congregation who was desperate to have a baby.

“Dear Madam, Do not prig ( complain, argue) with your gracious and frank hearted Lord about the time of the fulfilling of your joys. It will be; God hath said it. Bide His harvest; wait upon His time. His day is better than your day. It is enough that God hath promised you great things; only let the time of bestowing them be in His own carving. It is not for us to set an hourglass to the Creator of Time!”

What wonderful advice! How many times in my own life have I ‘turned over an hourglass’ and given the Lord an ultimatum – I need this or that in one month, or two days, or within a year. And this to the Creator of Time! I am slowly learning to surrender my time agendas to Him and ask for the Holy Spirit to help me wait patiently for ‘God’s day.’

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