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The Foundations are Poured

We’ve had a week of incredibly hot, dry weather. Perfect for doing the foundations of the garage.  On Friday we got up early and got the two big poles in at the front of the garage. It looked like something from the High Chapperall Ranch with the bracing and horizontal beam.


Then we finished laying all the steel. We were to have our inspection  at midday but the inspector turned up at 9.15! But he gave us the all go-ahead, so we worked on and were ready for the concrete truck at 3pm. Hot, hot work. We were melting. But we did it!

The whole team came out (minus Ellie who is still at a music school in Wanganui). Milly wore her tatty, well-worn/well-worked I’m the Boss Tee shirt. 🙂

The pour went really well other than Jake nearly blacking out with heat exhaustion! When it was done we dived into the pool and celebrated. I reckon I must have dived under the water at least a hundred times trying to cool my head. It was so hot. Josiah did some cool tricks on a small board. 🙂

Today we had a whole lot of the youth out for the afternoon and evening – played hours of volleyball and swam. It was so much fun. Our neighbours must think we’re crazy, out in the heat of the day. 🙂 We played from 2pm till 9pm, with swimming breaks and of course dinner.

Tomorrow we head down south to begin our next adventure – we are canoeing down the Wanganui River! 145kms; the Bridge to Nowhere; five days in Canadian canoes! Can’t wait. 🙂

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